Session expiration causes Player control to stop playing songs without an error message


Since version 1.5 full song URLs are not rendered into the playlist. Instead playlist contains hashtable keys of the media file paths stored in the application Session. When session expires (for example, user hits Stop button and leaves the app idle for 30 minutes, then comes back and hits Play button; or, browser serves several songs in a row from the cache and server doesn't get any requests long enough to time out the session) Session hashtable matching keys from the playlist to actual file paths is gone, which causes player control not to play back songs, and since Player control has no error reporting UI, Player control just does nothing.
To fix the problem application needs to re-generate the hashtable after new session has started based on the selected folder path stored in the cookies.
Closed Jul 20, 2007 at 6:06 PM by vgribok
Made application regenerate cached media file paths collection if session has ended and previous cache was discarded.