Make playlist URL relative to current folder (./url) instead of starting from root (/)


Although it's working under Cassini as is, root-relative playlist URL does not work when running under UltiDev HttpVPN. The reason for that is HttpVPN can't replace URLs that are part of the query string, and therefore request for the playlist is picked up by HttpVPN Portal's 404 handler. When request is root-relative the request simply misses HttpVPN Portal altogether and goes to never-land of IIS7 default 404 handler when HttpVPN Portal app is running from the virtual folder in IIS7 instead of the root (which is thee case when debugging). It seems to be impossible to configure IIS7 404 handler on the root level in a way that would intercept 404 errors in the virtual folders. Besides, having root-relative hyperlinks is never a good idea anyway.
Closed Jun 7, 2007 at 4:25 AM by vgribok
Fixed and tested with HttpVPN.